Farmers Yield Initiative

The Farmers Yield Initiative, or FYI, is an informative campaign that promotes the legal way of doing business in the seed industry. The informative campaign highlights research, education, seed certification, and the enforcement of intellectual property rights as authorized under the Plant Variety Protection Act (PVP). The purpose of this initiative is to encourage the public to comply with existing seed laws embodied in the PVP and state seed certification standards, and FYI seeks to accomplish these goals by educating the public as to the existing laws and enforcing those laws. FYI is not advancing a common commercial seed enterprise and is not a formal trade organization. Further, FYI does not exist as a vehicle to share commercial information such as pricing, product availability, or other data useful in marketing goods. FYI does not have a purpose to change laws or to increase the market share of any one particular sponsor. Simply put, the goal of FYI is to raise awareness about legal seed trade.


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