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AF7201 is a shorter statured and earlier version of the full season BMR 6 forage sorghums. Under most conditions, AF7201 will yield with the more full-season hybrids and has improved standabilty. AF7201 performs well under dryland conditions due to very good heat and stress tolerance. This shorter season hybrid provides forage production options in areas where most full-season products are unable to mature. The increase in standabilty is an advantage under all conditions. The BMR 6 characteristic has significantly lower lignin levels for improved palatability and digestibility therefore increasing milk and beef production. Get more information on AF7201 here.



AF7301 is the next generation of BMR 6 forage sorghums. As a male sterile product, it will not produce grain in the absence of nearby pollen. This offers several distinct advantages. AF7301 is high yielding, produces high levels of non-structural carbohydrates in the stalk, provides improvedforage digestibility and overall energy content, and under most conditions, can be allowed to reach a moisture level where it can be harvested in a single pass through the field. Without grain, the plant will not cannibalize the stalk. This means it will have higher energy content than other grain-producing BMR hybrids. AF7301 has improved standabilty when compared to earlier BMR hybrids.