Drussel’s Top Picks for 2017



SY Monument: The Pillar To Your Success! A newer variety that has performed well over the last two years. It is widely adapted with good disease and drought tolerance across the Plains areas. It has moderate resistance to leaf and stripe rust. It is a medium-late maturing variety. Manage accordingly under high management irrigated situations.*

SY Grit: As the name implies it is as tough as the Duke himself! This is Grits second year and  is broadly adapted across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Good drought tolerance for dryland and has excellent straw strength with top-end yield potential under irrigation. Medium maturity with a good disease package.

LCS Mint: Nearly as good as a license to print money! This variety from Limagrain Cereal Seeds continues to perform well. LCS Mint has excellent yield capacity with exceptional drought tolerance. It has a very good acid soil tolerance. Manage accordingly on high management irrigated situations.*

LCS Pistol: Shoot For Higher Yields! LCS Pistol was a new variety for 2015. LCS Pistol is a medium-early, medium height,high tillering variety. Pistol has adult plant resistance to leaf and stripe rust, and resistance to soil-borne mosaic virus. Related to T158 as part of its genetics, LCS Pistol should do very well where T158 has been grown. Manage accordingly under high management irrigated situations.*

T158: Continues to be a great all-around variety for irrigation or dryland. Performed very well in trials for 2017.  It has very good resistance to Stripe Rust, good resistance to Powdery Mildew, and intermediate resistance to Leaf Rust. T158 is also resistant to Soil-Borne Mosaic with intermediate resistance to Wheat Streak Mosaic and Barley Yellow Dwarf. T158 has the ability to achieve extremely high yields so a grower should manage accordingly on high management irrigated situations.*

LCS Chrome: Bred For The Long Haul! This new release from Limagrain Cereal Seeds for 2016 is a medium maturing variety with very good straw strength. It has resistance to both leaf and stripe rust. Adapted from the High Plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, this variety has performed very well in irrigated and dryland trials. Seed is very limited for 2017. Manage accordingly under high management irrigated situations.*


Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Cereals:  Insecticide and fungicide all rolled into one. We can apply this to seed you have purchased here or to seed you have custom conditioned here.

We strongly believe all varieties will benefit from timely application of seed treatments and fungicides.

*Consider using a growth regulator under extreme high-management situations such as Syngenta’s Palisade.